Hannah and her Scissors

Her ears tuned in to the dissonant metallic notes that reverberated with every snip. She tugged those Shirly Temple curls straight and watched each lock elegantly float to the floor. They glided gracefully like feathers, forming a circumference of goldy-locks around her feet. How can something so light feel so heavy?

Her anxieties descended to the ground as each lock fell; every snip permitted a distinct burden to fall away. And when her long mane finally dropped from her head to the floor, so did her willingness to meet those imposed expectations. All desire be anything other than her true being slowly stripped away. No longer could she conceal herself behind a long blondy-brown veil. She felt almost weightless…. freed…relieved from the unnecessary cargo she was lugging about. She stood before her bedroom mirror, gazing at her raw, unmasked reflection; her true self.

That single moment of frenzied hair metamorphosis turned out to be a true turning point, a milestone. It’s perplexing, almost paradoxical, how a brief period of sheer mental blurriness paved the way for years of clarity… It is amazing how a confusing mix of terror and exhilaration can form the solid foundations for a strong new woman to flourish. Ironically, new-found confidence, opportunity and self understanding all grew and blossomed once her comfort-blanket was severed.

Only extreme changes can truly enable us to diverge from the path we are expected follow, and allow us to embark upon a new route and discover what we have the potential to become. Grasp a pair of scissors and cut away all the thoughts that restrain you; chop off the things that hold you back. Remove the mask covering your beautiful face and reveal your true self to the world.

12 responses

  1. I’m not too sure what to make of this, but I really hope you haven’t been treated like that, and that you haven’t done away with your hair!


  2. Beautiful story. It captures the truth of certain lives. I have always followed the words of your exhortation at the closing. Sometimes there is a price to pay, but it is worth it.


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