Windows to the soul

Windows to the soul

My “About Hannah” page mentions that I have a passion for art. I thought it was time to reveal more about this part of myself through sharing a drawing of mine. I’ve sketched my face using a combination of charcoal, lead and watercolour pencils to play with light and dark shadows.

I love experimenting with different forms, mediums and techniques to capture specific emotions. You see for me, art is the language of the heart; capturing the aspects of ourselves that words simply cannot articulate. It soothes the body and eases the mind. There is nothing more liberating than seeing a blank canvas before you and watching your imagination pour out upon it.

Hope to show you all some more of my work soon!



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    • Hello Ms Vee! I came by your blog and I absolutely loved your poetry. My favourites were ‘The Awakening’ and ‘Stress Melt’… they’re just so beautifully crafted. Thank you for stopping by, and I hope to see more of you!


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